Art of Connection is a nomadic gallery based in South Africa, showcasing exclusive pieces of African design and craftsmanship in the most beautiful settings in Europe.

 We serve to connect local to global in the fields of craft art and art between Africa and Europe. We promote contemporary and original creations of ART and CRAFT ART from Africa to art galleries, decorators, museum shops and private collectors.

Each item is unique because it was created by placing emotion at the heart of the artistic experience.

Our pieces carry a strong cultural heritage and aesthetics :

  • They are sustainable and made in Africa
  • They are unique or made in limited edition
  • They are contemporary and handcrafted with high quality standards

Art of Connection believes in weaving bonds between art, design and craftsmanship to create and showcase beautifully contemporary handcrafted pieces.


Sophie Ferrand-Hazard Art of ConnectionSophie Ferrand-Hazard, the founder of Art of Connection, is from France but has lived on the African continent for all her childhood years. Further, as an adult she has lived 23 years in Johannesburg, amazing hub of culture and creativity in Africa.

Sophie is fascinated by the way the hand creates beautiful forms and has made it her mission in life to celebrate the remarkable talent and cultural legacy, transmitted by Masters of Craft.


The strategy of AOC is defined by three pillars that have been adjusted to suit Sophie’s growing understanding and promotion of art and craft creations.



We reaffirm the value and potential of handmade skill experimenting with different forms of beauty We have researched and met a wealth of talent and creative capacity in Southern Africa and beyond We work with the most talented artists and craft artists We aim to understand and preserve their environment, the local ressources available and their diverse cultural heritage.



We like to dialogue and experiment between different craft techniques using various materials and skills, intuition and solutions. We create synergies between ancient manuacturing traditions of crafters and contemporary designers. We promote original creations which are unique or made in limited editions. We pay a fair price and are committed to grow the artist business and visibility in exchange for an exclusive representation on the platforms we create. We are committed to create long term relationships with our artists, based on trust and respect. We explore collaborations with Luxury Houses.



We showcase talented creators who embody the vibrant modernity of Africa while reviving ancestral techniques and savoir faire. We have a solid database of private collectors, interior decorators, curated shops and art galleries We are commited to promote our selection of collectible art on the best platforms: International Fairs, curated events and art galleries.


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